Speaking Appearances

Join me in Italy on April 22, 23, & 24!

We are so excited to spend 3 wonderful days with you in the gorgeous city of Rome as we learn about wedding design as...

Wedding Designs Are Beginning To Look The Same

Do you happen to agree that most wedding designs are beginning to look very much the same? Including mine? For example: strands of white...

Speech at Lagos, Nigeria

Date: June 15, 2017

Dear Preston


Balancing Colors

In this mostly blue and purple table, we needed a pop of colors. Do you think the hot oranges and pinks worked? What other colors would you have used?

Ceiling treatment made of glasses

It is always fun to create ceiling chandeliers. As much as I love flowers, sometimes I like using other elements. For this after party dancing tent we used thousands of plastic glasses. Join me in my next #PBprotege to...

Five of My Life Changing Good Habits

Five of MY Life Changing Good Habits On this Valentine Day, I thought I encourage you to adopt one good habit with a quote by JimRohn, “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what...