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Learn how to design a Luxury Wedding from one of the world’s most recognized event designers Preston Bailey.  Join him as he teaches his students how to create complete transformations, from ceiling designs to elaborate table settings.

You will learn the skills to create a luxury event, as well as network with peers in the same industry from around the globe.  Preston PBprotege students have come from all over the world including United States, Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Panama, Suriname, Thailand, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, China, Uruguay, Ghana, Bolivia, Morocco, Canada, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ecuador, Georgia, Turks and Caicos, Kenya, Brazil, Jamaica, Great Britain, Nigeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and more!

PB Protégé Intensive Workshop

NYC : Year of Transformation

January 23, 24, & 25 2018

PB Protégé Online Master Class

Design – Transformation

12 Detailed Segments