Biggest Mistakes: Over-promising your potential clients


Biggest mistakes:

Over-promising your potential clients

I think one of the biggest mistakes, I have ever made as a florist or event designer, is “over-promising” to a potential client, without knowing my client’s expectations.

I have learned my lessons the very hard way, that either clients are vendors win at the end.

Picture this Scenario:

You are talking to a new client, and they give you a budget for there event. And the budget sounds perfectly reasonable.

Here is the next expected question from your potential clients:

Do you think, you can give me a beautiful wedding for that budget?

At this moment Is when you should be very careful with your answer.

In your opinion, what do you think is the correct answer for the above scenario?

  1. 1. Of course, I could give you a beautiful wedding for your budget.
    ( You are thinking,”I can always try to design with that budget in mind”)
  2. 2. There is no way I can answer that question before designing the wedding first. (Well, your potential client is thinking, “I already interviewed three other designers who said they could work with my budget.”)
  3. 3. You say to your client “YES” with the hope that they might spend more money.

There you have it folks.

Would like you to make your selection answering a, b, and c. and I’ll follow  in my next Biggest Mistakes blog.

I am very curious to hear what you’ll say to this client.