Preston Bailey Vendor Spotlight: Levy NYC




Today, I am highlighting Ira Levy of Levy NYC . Not only is Ira one of the premier lighting designers in the world, he is someone I know and trust which is why I asked him to help us at the Reem Acra New York Bridal Fashion Event in the New York Public Library.  I share my interview:

1.What is the smallest job you will accept?
– $3500

2. Do you work anywhere in the world?
– Yes. We have worked all over South America, Asia, Far and Middle East.

3.What are some new technologies you can share with us?
–  We are constantly pushing the envelope by working with the latest in projection and wireless technologies. We are able to create large scale seamless photo realistic projections that are able transport guests to new worlds without the use of VR glasses

4. White fixtures are the most difficult to get, do you have these?
– Yes we are one of the few companies with an extensive inventory of white fixtures and cables.

5. How do you keep up with updating technology?
–  I personally travel to many trade shows and art installations seeking out new technologies and creative concepts.

6.What sets you apart from the other lighting companies?
– Our approach to events and projects is to provide a completely integrated technical solution for the designers we work with.  Video, light and sound are architecturally integrated with the decor. We bring a strong design component to our projects. Our designs are carefully crafted to fit the designer and client’s vision. Many companies act merely as rental houses that install lighting. They do not provide the design component which is the most important item that sets LEVY | NYC apart from its’ competitors.

To learn more about Levy NYC, visit their website here.