PB Protégé Tuesday: Shweta Acharya

Today we are featuring our very talented Protégé Shweta from Baraati INC. She used the mechanic taught in the workshop to create this ceiling and floor design.

Here is what she had to say:

“Weddings in India often overlook floor work, and having learnt the mechanics of design behind flooring in NYC this fall we decided to push the boundaries. We worked on fusing the western techniques with Indian nuances giving the typical indian ‘mandap’ ( Indian wedding altar) a unique facelift, making the garden of ‘Eden’ come alive in the capital of India!
The idea was to do away with the regular heavy structural feel and make it breezy and light to the eyes while treating the ceiling, hence we played with hanging crystal strings on the skirting of the ceiling flower and suspended the floral from fish-wire. The signature floral PB floor, definitely transformed the look and made EVERYONE stare in awe!
I tried to stick with the mechanics as much but basis the costing and material we did play with the execution however to maintain the final look and feel as delivered.
Can’t wait to apply more PB mechanics to our designs!”
Additional details:
One of the major things to add a dream effect, instead of going with usual truss draping, we went with tissue wrap with Christmas fairy lights on top.
And the reflection on the plexi of the same, with the candle wall at the back made it an outstanding visual!
At the middle of the altar when you look up the flowers hang in the same shape as of the ceiling flower, however at different levels to create a 3D effect.

To learn more about Shweta, visit her website here.