PB Protégé Tuesday: Sandy Silvera


I am very proud to share with you a wedding created by one of my first Protege, Sandy Silvera, who is also from my home country of Panama.

She shares with us some of the details of this fabulous wedding she created:

  • The Rabbi came from Israel to officiate the ceremony.
  • In the cocktail hour, we added 20 laser-cut words chosen by the couple and their mothers that represented their relationship.
  • The boxes used for the centerpieces were each custom made using mechanics learned at the PB Protégé.
  • The tablecloths and fabrics that covered the room were purchased especially for the bride, more than 25,000 yards covered the entire room.
  • Although the wedding took place in a hotel, the whole kitchen and food were kosher
  • It was my birthday, and what a great gift I received! Preston sent me some beautiful pink pearls that were used in the tree we created using the techniques we learned in the PB Protégé course.
  • This wedding was inspired by a Preston wedding that appeared in his last book.
  • 10,000 stems of roses were brought specially for the bride from Ecuador.

To learn more about Sandy, visit her website here.

Photography by Celine Eskenazi