PB Protégé Tuesday: Roze Jayalath


Today I share with you a wall treatment created by our Protégé Roze from Exquisite Memories at an event she did in Cinnamon Lakeside, Sri Lanka.  She used one of the many techniques taught at our PB Protégé Intensive Workshops.

This is what she had to say:

“The experience and prestige that I received from the PB Protègé has been exceptionally advantageous in my sphere, field and scope of work. It was truly an honor and a Blessing to be associated with Preston in his work of art. I have gained a knowledgeable experience in learning and mastering the art of transformation in this course, which has truly inspired me. Preston’s master designing, using the mechanism of the 3D floral walls, hanging over head structures, walkways etc has definitely taken me to a higher realm and encouraged my ability to pursue my career and go beyond the boundaries. I personally thank the Master in event Designing “Preston” for the opportunity of a lifetime that he extended to me to achieve my dream in event designing. I recommend his course to all who have a passion in event designing. As I, myself, will definitely be attending another PB Protègé soon.”

To lean more about Roze, you may visit her website here.

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