PB Protégé Tuesday: Prachi Manghnani


I am very happy to share with you a design from our recent Protégé Prachi of Sevenstar Events & Productions.  This is an event she designed in Rixos Premium, Dubai.

Here is what she had to say about the Protégé Course:

Can you tell us about your experience at the PB Protégé Workshop?
“One feeling etched in the heart is the warm hug, personalized time and affection Preston gave me through the Protege. It takes a selfless and truly successful person like him who has a large heart to share his skills and techniques for the growth of all those who are willing to learn.
Preston made us learn the finer side of his signature creations and the highlight was that we did it hands on.
In addition, the pool of talent & networking opportunity that came along in the session was a huge take away and the icing on the over-the-top cake was his brand value addition.
What I loved about Preston is how he never criticizes any one’s work and only believes in improvement through appraisal.
I extend a special thank you to the team that untiringly helped us and taught us specifics of designs & florals.”
How you used the mechanics learned at the course in your design?
“ In this setup, I used a twist to the ceiling and wall treatment I learnt with the Protege. Instead of having the familiar ceiling I created self standing panels that had a wall & ceiling transformation effect on the stage for the couple.
I earnestly recommend this course to anyone who wants to create “OH MY GOD! WHO DID THIS?” moments. “

To learn more about Prachi, you may check out her website here.