PB Protégé Tuesday: Annie Martinez


Today’s feature is about Protege Annie Martinez from my native coutry of Panama.   Above is an event she did in her country that took place on a rooftop in the month of June. It was a christening party for a pair of siblings.

Here is what she had to say about her experience at the PB protege program:

“At the time of the workshop, I actually went seeking guidance for the Wedding Planning part, I wasn’t a florist and haven’t thought of becoming one. But I remember very clearly how fast I fell in love with all the designs, the composition of the centerpieces and specially all the people, techniques and hard work involved in the production of an event. I feel this experience awakened my creative side and a passion I didn’t know I had. Today, Im lucky to spend my days among flowers and running my own decoration company”.

To learn more anout Annie, you may visit her website here.