What I learned from the jobs that fired me.


Have you been fired from a job? Unfortunately, I have many times and it does not feel good.

The good news is that that I learned from these experiences. I realized that when taking on a new design challenge, you may not always make the client happy no matter how hard you try. And as my company expanded and gained more experience, I lost less and less jobs.

I was always under the impression that I could make exactly what the client wanted as long as I paid close attention to their requests. Boy was I wrong!

I still remember my first time getting fired, many years ago. I had a client that wanted to re-create a very simple French garden. Of course, you all know me, my idea of a French garden was very dramatic and that is where I went wrong. To make matters worse, the client was very nasty about the whole thing. She made me feel extremely insecure about my low education on knowing what a French garden looks like. But to this dear client I now say “Thank You”. Ever since then, I use French gardens as a big source of inspiration in many of my events.

This experience taught me to not be so egotistical in thinking that I can design for everyone. It is very unrealistic to think that we are right for every client. Otherwise I would be spending more money and have sleepless nights.

QUESTION: Have you been let go from a job? Have you ever felt that you are not right for the client?