Don’t give up your dream


Dear Readers,

We all have dreams and goals, but have you been guilty of giving up too soon? I have done this too many times in my life. For instance, I have always wanted to open Preston Bailey stores in different cities.

Below are what I call “dream killers” and they are the main reasons I gave up on my dream:

  • MONEY: I was scared that I would not make enough money if I pursued my dream.
  • COMPARING: I constantly compared my efforts as a beginner to others who are experts or have been around for a long time.
  • PERFECTION: I wanted all my hard work to be too perfect.
  • RECOGNITION: I wanted fame and recognition. (Not a bad thing, however, be careful of making this your main goal.)

I believe that to make any dream the slightest bit possible, you need to accept the following:

  • Be prepared to stumble. For every 2 steps forward, you may have one step backward.
  • Expect to make mistakes along the way. This is completely normal.   PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION SHOULD BE YOUR AIM.
  • Be aware that you may have people around you (including your loved ones) that will discourage you.

Having big dreams is like hunger – if you do not feed it, you may starve.   But to begin, you must have an open mind.

Try to remember these four things:

  1. Being creative is your God given right. It’s up to you to allow it to flow.
  2. Be alert and open to encouragement from unexpected places.
  3. There is more than enough for everyone, even for you.
  4. As we connect with our divine creative side, many great and powerful changes should be expected.

Something that changed my way of thinking was the book  “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  This book changed my life and I still make references to it today.  Julia gives very practical steps for you to follow on how to make your dreams a reality.  I recommend it to all of you.

QUESTION: What is the one “dream killer” stopping you from pursuing your dream?