It’s My Opinion: We do have quite a few TRICKS OF THE TRADE in the event world


It’s my opinion:

We do have quite a few TRICKS OF THE TRADE in the event world.

I invincibly believe that every business has quite a few secret TRICKS OF THE TRADE that becomes a foundation of doing business. Today I’ll like to share with you five “tricks” of the event “trade.”

1. Lots of planners are still requesting commissions without the clients knowing. You may think, how to go about it.

A way around this: Use it as a sales pitch by Informing your potential clients, that you are not one of them.

2. Nowadays, lots of clients are shopping around for the best florist or designer, and most likely you are one of the many in the pool. So, how to increase your chances to be hired.

A way around this: You stand a better chance of being selected if you are one of the last to be interviewed, not the first.

3. Most clients have a budget in mind. Mostly they resist sharing it with you, or they’ll low ball their figure. And the challenge is how to know their budget at the initial meeting.

A way around this: When they ask, “How much do you think this is going to cost?” Come up with a ridiculous number, and You’ll see how quickly they’ll share the budget in mind.

4. Be aware of clients, that are just looking for mere “Ideas.” You would know at once, those who are looking for your Ideas to take them to some other vendor to execute at lower price, sure from their questions.

A way around this: Ask a lot of questions, without giving any Ideas away. When they ask, your response should be: “I do not design on the spot, I need to sit with your Ideas and design something just for you. I usually do this when you hire me.”

5. Never be afraid to price the images of your work. The potential Clients want to know what they are getting for their money.

A way around this: Be transparent as this could be your best sales pitch. Show the images of jobs you have done, and tell them what it cost and why.

I would like to add, the “tricks” of the “trade” that I mentioned are from experiences earned being in the event business for over 36 years.




What do you think of TRICKS OF THE TRADE that I shared above? Please feel free to share yours.