Dear Readers: Congratulations to you the PB Protege attendees


Dear Readers,

Congratulations to you the PB Protege attendees for taking the initiative to join us in NY for the upcoming PB Protege Intensive Workshop.

First, Some of you asked what they should bring with them. We would like you all to come with an open mind like a blank canvas because it’s an intense learning experience and a lot to store.

Second, Please come with all the questions big or small; Preston is always happy to address your quest, and so are we (PB team).

Third, We want you to know that Preston believes in building communities to learn and share, so we encourage all PB Proteges’ to get to know each other.

Fourth, While PB Protege Intensive Workshop is only a couple of days away, we encourage PB Proteges’ to share their goals and design challenges ahead of time so we could tie that into our learning experience.

Fifth, All those who could not get into this one; We only wish that we could accommodate all but Preston wants to give individual attention to each one of the attendee by leading the workshop himself.

Stay tuned to the announcement of the dates for the future PB Protege Intensive Workshop soon.

Look forward to seeing you all next week in NY at PB Design Studio.

Safe Travels!

PB Team