Dear Preston: Could you describe your idea of what it is to create a great guest experience?


Dear Preston:

Could you describe your Idea of what it is to create a great guest experience?

No more cliches!

Dear Curious:

You are right about that. I believe it is a statement that is a bit over used in event industry.
However, I’ll try to describe 10 points that I think create a great guest experience, I’ll start from
the moment a guest arrive at a wedding or event.
1. Always make sure that one of the host is at the entrance welcoming the guest.
2. If there is a coat check, avoid waiting lines.
3. Make sure the bathrooms have scented candles or scented flowers like gardenia.
4. Also, Have someone check the bathrooms at least once every hour to make sure that it’s
clean. Especially after it’s been used by so many people in a short timeframe.
5. When you have a bar, you must have enough bartenders, nothing is worse than having your
guests wait in line for a drink.
6. It’s a great idea to have food at the cocktail hour, but no need to stuff your guest to the point,
where no room is left for dinner.
7. Believe it or not, nothing is worse than a wedding with very loud music that the guest can’t
talk. As much as the band loves to show off their talent; try to manage the level of the pitch.
8. When you opt to serve your diner buffet style, make sure there is enough serving stations to
avoid long lines. No one wants to wait in line to eat.
9. Have additional servers available and assigned to tables, just in case the guest want to
order a drink while they are sitting at the table.
10. Lastly, avoid lengthy boring speeches.

I hope my ideas were right on spot.


Dear readers:

Please could you add what you think might help create a great guest experience?