Create a great guest experience


I was recently at a conference, and I kept hearing this expression from every single planner that spoke.  But I was left wondering, what exactly does one do to create a great guest experience? 

In todays blog, I’ll like to give you my top 10 tips on what it is to create guest great experience.

1)  As guests walk into a wedding or event, make sure there is always someone from your staff to welcome them with a smile and direct them were to go.

2)  Sometimes guests are traveling from afar, it might not be a bad idea to greet them with a glass of champagne or water.

3)  Scents are a great way to set the tone at an event.  You might want to have some wonderful scented candles at the entrance.

4)  First impressions are everything.  If you are a florist, make sure there is a dramatic and beautiful arrangement at the entrance, this could tease the guests in what to come.

5)  No guest likes to wait in line.  If there is a bar or food station, you must make sure there is enough servers to make sure they never need to wait.

6)  This tip is for for all the DJ and Band members.   There is nothing better to set a tone at a wedding then good music.  But there is no need to blast it all evening.  Give them a brake with soft music while they are dining.

7)  To the food servers and caterers: if you have a sit down dinner wedding,  make sure no guests are eating there appetizers while others are having there main course.  Please confirm that your company hired enough servers, to serve everyone at once.

8)   Back to the florists, including myself as I have been guilty of this many times.  Everyone loves a gorgeous dramatic arrangement, but fellow florists, guests need to be able to talk with the person across the table.  Make sure your arrangements are not blocking the view.

9)  Lighting designers, you better know what you are doing to light a room.  No one likes to have a bright light shining in their faces all evening

10)  Last but not least, if you have guests who will arrive by car, having valet parking is essential.  Make sure that when the guests are leaving they do not need to wait 20 minutes for there car.

Well there you have it.

Readers and planners, could you also share your suggestions in what it takes to create a great guest experience?