The client is not always right.


This is a tough one because in the service industry we are taught that the client is always right.  Sometimes we are so anxious to win a client over, we agree to situations that can later become a disadvantage to us.  I have been guilty of this and I began to wonder when is it ok to decline a new client?

After my years of experience in this industry, I am able to recognize 4 main situations when its best to say no to a client:

  1. When a client asks me to make a deal/discount so low that I do not make any profit.
  2. When a client negotiates a price by suggesting that I will get recommendations and more clients from their event. This may happen, but these new clients are probably going to expect the same discounts.
  3. When a client comes to me with competitive quotes from other vendors and expect me to “beat” their prices. Yes folks, this has happened to me several times.
  4. When a client insists on paying the largest percentage of the bill AFTER the event takes place. Please do not even consider doing this one.

I have learned a lot from making many mistakes in my career.  Some of which I hope never to repeat again.  These taught me that the best way to avoid future frustrations is to simple say “No, I am sorry.”  If you think about it, a loving “no” to the world may be the best way to say “yes” to yourself.



Question:  If you were asked to do some of the things listed above, would it be easy for you to say no?