Thinking Outside of The Vase: Bathroom Decor





Dear Readers:
I have been accused of being “over-the-top” many times.  So much so, in fact,  that I have learned to embrace that title without the slightest apology.  There are some who may feel that I do “too much”, but when I am designing an event, I always look to add a wonderful surprise in every single area. This is especially true when it comes to the bathrooms. This is an area often ignored by most people, but I feel this is a great oversight.
Bathrooms are not only an area that will be seen and experienced by all of your guests, but it is often an unexpected place of gathering. Thus, they are a great place to make a surprise statement. This can be achieved a number of ways.  Take the bathroom in the photograph above for example. By adding a collection of frames, perfumes, hand towels and other detailed elements, the plain, white bathroom was transformed into a surprise area. We were thrilled when we were told the ladies who visited the area didn’t want to leave.  OK, I agree, this one was a bit over-the-top, but even if you don’t want to go this far, I have a few suggestions as to how to make bathrooms a bit more special for you and your guests.
Scented candles in your client’s favorite scent are a fantastic way to personalize this area.
Scented flowers such as gardenias, tuber roses and casa blanca lilies are also wonderful ways to add a signature scent to this area.  Remember: A little can go a long way with these flowers, so even just using a couple of stems would work well.
If your clients have a few perfume bottles at home, suggest your clients place them out for guests to use. I used to collect small sample perfumes from department stores to lay out when I first started.
Hand towels are another great little added touch.  Cloth towels are preferable, but a good quality paper towel would also work.
If you want to go the extra mile, bring a beautiful waste paper basket.
Amenities such as individual needles and thread packs, mouthwash bottles, feminine products, deodorant and other emergency supplies displayed in a beautiful box or container are often appreciated by guests. I prefer not to use baskets as I feel they are a bit overdone.
Most bathrooms are poorly lit. Consider adding additional lighting if you are working with a lighting designer. 
It might be that I am all alone in this area. Do you think this much effort should be put into bathrooms or is it overkill?