Ten Tips to create a great guest experience at a wedding.


2015 02 25-1268

Ten Tips to create a great guest experience at a wedding.

I am always interested to hear, what vendors mean when they claim that their primary goal is to “create a great experience for the guests” at every wedding and event they do.

I have a list of Ten “do and don’t” that I always try to bring to every wedding that I do.

Here I go:

1. Guest always remember what they smell; Make sure you have a strongly scented flowers at the entrance of the event. Like Gardenias, Casablanca lilies or Tuber Roses work beautifully. Also, you could spray to the entry with your favorite scent, before the guest arrives.

2. Have the servers greet your guest with a tray of selected chocolates. Trust me; they’ll love it. It is practiced in many cultures around the world.

3. Instead of only alcohol or champagne, have your servers greet your guest with selections of fresh squeezed juices in silver trays.

4. Have your favorite scented candles burning in the bathrooms at all times.

5. Be very careful with noise pollution. Keep your band or DJ in check, especially when the guests are dining. Nothing is worse that having to scream at each other to have a conversation.

6. Many might disagree with me on this one. Eliminate bread plates from the table. These take up a lot of room on tables, plus lots of folks do not eat bread, it’s much more practical to have servers offering each guest a bread selection displayed elegantly in a tray at the tables.

7. If you are serving wine or champagne, DO NOT pour it, before the guest’s seat. Be mindful, lots of guests like myself do not drink, making this waste.

8. Also, I am not for the food that is pre-plated before the guest’s seat. I always carry the feeling with the possibility of flies helping to feed themselves.

9. Make sure that the cake cutting is done early at the wedding. It would give the kitchen ample time to cut and serve, allowing all the guests to taste the cake. I have been to many weddings, where these beautiful cakes are partial fake because no one eats it due to lack of time to serve.

10. When you have a little surprise “give away” for your guests that look elegant, even then do not display these favors on the tables. I have noticed that guests tend to forget to take it before they leave. It’s much more practical to have a waiter standing with a silver tray, handing them out as they leave.



Dear readers:

Do you agree with any of my suggestions? Also please feel free to add your own.