My Big Wedding Mistakes (As Mentioned to Me by My Clients)



Dear Readers, 

We live in a world where the “bad” tends to outweigh the good in the memories of our clients. A few years ago, I did a wedding where my client loved everything related to food and decor, but thought her planner dressed like a “slut” and it “ruined” her night. I was very surprised and annoyed that I didn’t think of this and have since learned from the experience. The bottom line is that nothing should be ignored when planning a wedding. Today, I would like to share some surprising feedback from my clients.

Tip on Behalf Of Your Guests: One client loved the idea of having a bathroom attendant but hated the idea that her guests would feel obligated to tip them. She felt the same about valet parking. I agree with her completely and always suggest that my clients have a “No Tip Necessary” sign in these areas. Just make sure that you charge enough to tip these workers.

Avoid Having Too Many Speeches: One of my clients has a guest who drank too much and wound up speaking for twenty full minutes! No one could stop him and she blamed us for not “shutting him up”. We have since encouraged clients to assign speakers and give them a time limit. Another suggestion is to have most of the speeches be given at the rehearsal dinner.

Lose The Long Bridal Processions: This comment truly surprised me. I happen to love a long bridal procession, provided the music and pace are both exciting.

Poorly Dressed Musicians Ruin The Performance: This was my fault and I have since learned to be very specific about attire requirements or style them myself.

Avoid “Branding” of Any Kind: One wedding had their name and logo on the bandstand which looked like an advertisement. I agree this is tacky – as when we do a wedding, we do not have our business cards below each arrangement.

Cocktail Hours Should Be Longer: I was surprised when my client thought her 60-minute cocktail hour was not long enough. I personally feel 45 minutes is plenty of time.

The Scent of Flowers Should Not Overpower a Room: This was my mistake. I used gardenias, Casablanca lilies and tuber roses all at once. If you are a florist, you  understand what a big mistake that was, especially on the dining table. Never, ever again.

You live and learn, right?

Readers, I would love your opinion on any of the points listed above. Do you agree or disagree? What are your “Big Wedding Mistakes” Weddings?



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