It’s My Opinion: That we should stop putting down others work


It hit me when I caught myself in the middle of a horrific habit in the recent month.

At least once a day, for 30 minutes I started reviewing tons of images on Instagram and critique them. Of course, not always in a bad way, but nevertheless critiquing them; quickly moving away from images that I thought were not good enough, and feeling slightly jealous when I came across the images that were fantastic.

This past week, I decided to take a new approach, to get rid of this bad habit. I choose 10 images on Instagram and study them very carefully.

I tried to understand what the designer was trying to express as I go through the images quickly. And I was very surprised in what I learned from each artist work. Many a time, we are so quick to pass judgment that we lose the essence of what the artist is trying to say or express.

I took an initiative of contacting 5 of the ten artists and sharing what I saw and learned about their impressive work, and they all became my e-mail buddies.

It’s my opinion that instead of passing judgment, we should look for the beauty in others work and always remember to share with them, further encouraging them.



Dear readers:

In today’s blog, I’ll love you to write someone you recently admire and express your love for their work.

Let me start by complimenting: Todd W. Kennedy for his amazing cakes (see picture above)