Is My “Save The Date” Too Whimsical?

Dear Readers,


Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and stayed warm! It’s so cold here in New York City! Today, I’d love to get your thoughts on my Save The Date. Now before I begin, let me say that I have been to a couple of parties where the host has called the day of the event to disclose the location. In fact, this has become the “cool thing to do” here in New York City. There are times when keeping the location is to protect the privacy of a client, such as when designing a wedding for my celebrity clients, and others when it’s just seen as a way to create a fun and exciting atmosphere surrounding a wedding.


Because Theo and I have a few guests traveling from other countries, we decided to go another route in order to add a little whimsy to our event: By creating a fun Save The Date. My talented groom, Mr. Theo Bleckmann, came up with the idea of recreating an iconic image and is responsible for the fun text. We commissioned my friend and photographer John Labbe (he shoots the photos for all of my books) and we shot this fun image.


What do you think?


Cute or too whimsical?


On a completely different note, I find myself asking all of my married couples or those in a long term relationships the one piece of good advice for a long lasting marriage you would give to Theo and me?


I look forward to hearing your thoughts!