Forgiving Yourself When You’ve Disappointed A Client

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Dear Readers:

Happy Friday.  Today, I would like to discuss a very important topic: Giving our client our very best, and how to handle the wave of emotions that come when we feel we have let them down. I’d venture to guess that none of us enjoy the feeling that we’ve disappointed a client, colleague or anyone we value, but show me a successful designer, florist, or planner and I will show you someone who has dealt with these feelings (likely on more than one occasion). I will also show you someone who owes a a part of their success to  having gone through–and learned from–the experience.

When we feel we have let someone down, we have choices:

-We can blame-shift.

-We can give up.

-We can self-bash.

-We can brush it off, or

We can sit down and really walk through the steps, taking note of where we went wrong and what we can do better. We can make a plan of action, not only to rectify where we can (which is essential), but to make certain that the same mistake doesn’t happen twice. Accountability and action–it works almost every time.

Today, I would like for all of you to think about the last time you walked away from a client feeling as though you didn’t give your all, or you gave too much of the wrong thing. How did you handle the situation? How did the way you handled it make it better or worse, and what did you learn?