Five of My Life Changing Good Habits


Five of MY Life Changing Good Habits

On this Valentine Day, I thought I encourage you to adopt one good habit with a quote by JimRohn, “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.”

Yesterday I shared with you five of my bad habits, today I’ll like to share what I call my best fivehabits, which have kept me going.

Here we go:

1. Belief in GOD: Yes folks, have you ever had those moments when absolutely nothing seem to work! I have had many of those, and only my blind faith in God has carried me to the other side.

2. Meeting people and ADAPTING their best qualities: We are always quick to judge others’ faults and mistakes. May God rest my mother in peace who gave me an excellent piece of advice, “If you want to grow, try mimicking the best quality in everyone you meet.”

3. Early Riser: There is an entire world of magic and creativity, that happens between the hours of 4:30 am, and 8 am. Most of my creative work goes on in those hours. All you early risers know exactly what I mean.

4. Daily Workout: We read and hear so many different views about the regular exercise now and then, I’ll like to keep it simple. The joy that you feel after a good workout is one of the most profound feelings of accomplishment; A perfect way to feel good about yourself.

5. ALWAYS be truthful with your clients: From a business point of view, I much prefer telling my clients that I screwed up and asking for forgiveness than trying to justify an error.

Dear readers:

I hope you are all having a HAPPY Valentine day.

In honor of this day, could you please share at least one of your good habits with us?