Dear Preston: Are You Incapable Of Editing Yourself?

Dear Preston;
I know you love flowers, but at what point is enough, well, enough?  I sat at a the table of one of your events and there was hardly any space left to put my wine glass.  Do you even know how to edit yourself?
No Judgements
Dear NJ:
Speaking candidly, I almost did not print your question. The truth is,  I do feel a bit judged, but I also feel you, like everyone else deserves an answer.  It’s no secret that I love flowers to the point of obsession, but what is so wrong with dining in what appears to be a field of flowers?  I happen to be one of those people who adores the beauty and abundance of flowers and I have always said that, if I could, I would cover the entire world with gorgeous blossoms much like what Mother Nature so generously tries to do.
My approach in designing with flowers has always to create a floral installation in which guests feel completely surrounded.  I also tend to attract only those clients  who share my obsession.  Once I begin working with these clients, I always listen closely to them and try to edit myself based on their comfort level.
After 35 years of designing with flowers, I am still rendered speechless by their beauty.  As long as God allows me to work, I shall continue to share this love with others in great abundance.  I will also make sure that the next time I design a table, there is more than enough room for the wine glasses.
Question: I would love all of your opinion on this topic.  Feel free to be blunt, I promise that I can take it.