Acts of Kindness: The Importance Of Respecting Your Peers


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Dear Readers,

Not too long ago, I had the great pleasure of inviting celebrated planner, Kathy Romero, to join our team.  Kathy is one of the most dynamic and professional people I have worked with, and I was excited to introduce her to our clients, and now to all of you.

I have asked Kathy to share her insight, wit, and wisdom here on my blog each and every Thursday.  As always, please feel free to share your thoughts on her posts in the comment section below.



Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to be writing for all of you! I want to start by saying that working with Preston Bailey has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career. Aside from the fact that Preston is an absolute design genius, he is also one of the most inspiring people to work for. It’s comforting to know that Preston and the entire team support dreams as big as mine.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world in the past few months while working on some of the most amazing projects.  One of the things that I love most about this is the opportunity to work with planners all over the globe. I’m absolutely thrilled! Every project has awarded me the chance to either learn something new from another planner or teach that planner something new. I love it!

I will say though, that I have encountered some planners that don’t necessarily play nice. I’d like to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on this. If you are hired to work alongside another planner, please embrace them regardless of what level you perceive them to be. It’s disappointing to see that, when collaborating with others, some planners have a difficult time sharing the lime light. They are more concerned about how one is going to impress the other, that they spend most of their energy focusing on that and not the ultimate goal which is to make our clients happy. The truth is, when you know your craft it shows naturally and you don’t have to work that hard at it. Ultimately, what really matters is the level of professionalism with which you handle the situation and the remarkable client experience you are able to provide.

Let me be clear: I think competition is healthy in our industry. I’m actually grateful for it. It allows us to continue to set the bar higher with every project that we do, however, we shouldn’t allow it to divide us. Always keep in mind that the energy you put out there is quickly recognized by others including our very discerning and intelligent clients. Insecurity equals failure. Please don’t let it outshine your ability to perform.


Question: Have you ever come across a planner that pushes you away or doesn’t share their experiences openly? I’d love to learn from you. How have you handled their egos and the overall situation? I’m sure we can all learn from one another.

Have a productive day!

With a happy heart,



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