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Learn how to plan and design a luxury wedding from one of the world’s most recognized event designers - Preston Bailey - and his top industry friends.  Join him as they educate, inspire, and transformation spaces, from ceiling designs to elaborate table settings.

You will learn the skills to create a luxury event, as well as network with peers in the same industry from around the globe.  Preston's students have come from all over the world including the United States, Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Panama, Suriname, Thailand, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, China, Uruguay, Ghana, Bolivia, Morocco, Canada, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ecuador, Georgia, Turks and Caicos, Kenya, Brazil, Jamaica, Great Britain, Nigeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and more!

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STOP!...and Smell the Roses


LAUNCHES 1/14/2021

Lifestyle and event design expert Preston Bailey reveals how his focus on personal growth has been the root of his professional success, answering your questions along the way. Not only will he share the secrets, tools, and technologies behind his extraordinary ability to transform spaces into theatrical environments; you’ll also discover more about the man behind the magic.

Learn the methods of meditation, mindfulness, and self-discovery Preston uses that can help you find the balance you’ve been searching for in your own creative endeavors.


Preston Bailey Protege

Online Masterclass

On your own time.

This intensive course is divided into twelve fully-developed segments which focus on building dramatic, over-the-top designs such as ceiling décor, wall treatments, dramatic trees, stunning gazebos, and much more. You'll also learn the secrets behind the creation of the showstopping elements known to delight Preston's guests throughout the night. You'll also learn how Preston effectively prices his designs to gain a profit.


Event Conference

APRIL 11, 12, 13 2023, NYC

PB Live! is designed to educate industry professionals in everything needed to plan and design a successful event from start to finish, while also incorporating exciting hand-o. 
Attendees will spend 3 full days under the guidance of Preston Bailey and top industry professionals.    

Together we will discuss multiple topics that will help your business and your creativity.   We will execute and install lavish floral designs as well as learn about Preston’s most challenging mechanics.

PB Speeches & Workshop


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