Thinking Outside Of The Vase: Flowers & Design

Dear Readers:
As New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow, I thought this was a perfect time to showcase one of my tables that that was inspired by Piet Mondrian, one of my favorite designers. I have always felt a great connection between fashion and event design, especially in this table which I created in honor of this iconic designer.

Today, I will share the formula behind the creation of this table:

Step One: Get a black table cloth that fits a 5-foot square table.

Step Two: Establish a graphic pattern that follows one of the artists pieces. 


Step Three: Cut vinyl paper in different colors in order to follow the artist’s design.
Step Four: Select flowers in same colors as the vinyl.
Step Five: You probably already have hundreds of clear votive candle holders. Use these to set each individual flower.
Step Six:  Match each container with the their respective color squares.
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.26.08 PM
Make sure that you leave enough room for the place settings. You can very well create your own pattern using the same design principal.
Question: What do you think of the design? Too much? What artist would you like to honor with a table design?