Who is your favorite planner?


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Who is your favorite planner?

The great planners are truly the heart of our industry that keeps our businesses running.

Talking of the most desirable jobs in the event industry; I am not surprised to find the role of a planner on the top of the list. I think of a planner job to be the most impressive among event professionals. In many years of working with, planners, I could easily break them down into two groups.

In today’s blog, I’ll like to list the ten things that separate a great planner from a not so great one, also known as crazy-maker planner.

A Great Planner:

They are not only looking out for their clients but also for their vendors.

They’ll never ask you to lower your prices, to accommodate a client.

They are excellent in defending your prices with their clients.

They stay calm under pressure.

They make sure to be at every single meeting. (not the case with all planners)

Their good mood sets a tone of a fun job.

They  try to collect all payments for their vendors on time.

They make sure their vendors’ working at the site gets fed.

They request a tip from their clients for vendors that run the event.

The Crazy-maker Planner:

Most of them have lots of experience.

They feel a bit entitled because of their rich portfolio.

They are not afraid of collecting commissions, without telling their clients.

They create unnecessary drama, to justify their salaries.

They are not easily accessible.

Sometimes their own behavior intimidate the clients.

They are quick to lose their cool.

They love bragging about their long list of past events.

They carry strong opinions on designs.( I have learned that this is not always a bad thing. )

They leave the event,  before it is over.

The most important of all, always be open to understand unique style each planner carry. I have worked with some of the most talented planners like the amazing Norma Cohen, and the level-headed Jennifer Zabinski, the no-nonsense ladies Nicky Reinhard and Ann David, and the hilarious Marcy Blum; all the these planners have something exceptional to offer.

Dear readers:

Would you mind sharing with us the name of your favorite planner and tell us why?