What is your least favorite colors at a wedding?


Dear Readers:

Most brides have a very specific color in mind for their weddings. Personally, I try to avoid following the “trendy colors” that are out there while encouraging my clients to choose the colors they love.

Even thou for some reason, 10 of my latest brides are back to pure white weddings.

I have always said to social media is huge blessing, but could also be a curse.

Nothing bothers me more than when a client comes to me with a photo from Instagram (or Pinterest) and tells me, “This is exactly what I want.”

My first reaction is to say, “With all do respect, I suggest that you, first, search for the designer that did the design in the image, and then have them do it.” Now, I understand how annoying it can be when clients bring my books and say the same thing to other designers. “I want exactly this, only cheaper.” I think Instagram, Pinterest, and my books should be used only as sources of inspiration.

There, I’ve finished venting.

Once our brides give us a color story to work with, I think it is important for us to understand what colors work best together.

I know we are supposed to be the artists, therefore, we should have a very clear understanding as to how to balance colors. That said, it is my personal opinion that some colors simply do not work well together for a wedding. You might agree or disagree, but I wanted to share my two cents on this subject. Here are the color combinations I have difficulty using for a wedding:

Yellow and red;

pink and turquoise;

blue and red;

and, hot pink and yellow.

As I said, I will always do exactly want my clients want, but sometimes I try to convince them otherwise. Maybe it’s just me, but I simply don’t think these combinations work.

What are your least favorite color combinations?

Do you think any color combination works well for a wedding? Feel free to disagree with me.