Spotlight Series: The Wonderful People Who Brought The Big Sur Wedding To Life


Dear Readers:

As many of you know, I love to spotlight professionals on my blog on Friday in a weekly series that has not only been well-received, but has also allowed me to get to know more about all of you.  Not only do I love interviewing vendors, but your remarkable and intelligent comments also give me insight to the wonderful and generous community we have in this industry.

Today, I would like to turn the spotlight on my own amazing, talented, and hard-working team, the staff members of the other vendors, and the several dozen incredible local professionals who helped us with Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas’s wedding in Big Sur. While everyone gave 100%, I want to make special mention of my talented and vivacious Director of Events and Wedding Planning, Kathy Romero, my hard-working and incredibly dedicated Director of Client Relations, Kelly Irwin Rutty, and my strategic and reliable Director of Operations, Luiz Fernando Leite, all of whom worked diligently to see the vision of our
clients through to the end.

As many of you know, I truly believe that no man (or woman) is an island and the sum is only as good as its parts.  I am so fortunate to have a company filled with professionals who match talent with initiative and dedication with enthusiasm, and who truly give their all every day.

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Spotlight Series: Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas Lord of the Rings Inspired Wedding Designed by Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey’s Blog

Today, I would like to ask you:

What do you think of the job they did for the Big Sur wedding?

Who would you like to acknowledge on your team today?

In closing, I would like to wish Sean and Alexandra a lifetime of happiness together and thank them for allowing my team and me to be a part of their wonderful and magical day.



(Photo 1: Courtesy of Mark Seliger in Vanity Fair)

(Photo 2: Courtesy of Christian Oth in Vanity Fair)