Dear Preston: I was very disappointed with your design


Dear Preston:

I was very disappointed with your design.

I recently was a vendor at one of your events at the Rainbow room in NY City; I thought the design was beautiful, but the lighting was horrible. When the guest walks in, they all look pale from the reflection of strong purple lighting.


Dear Disappointed:

First, I’ll like to thank you for your valuable feedback; I think we can all learn a lot from other vendors, considering they see a lot of different setups. They not only get to see my designs but witness many others as well, further giving them a glimpse into some of the unique decors.

Having said that, I would like to add one of the most important points that you missed. We were there to create a very dark and SEXY mood, based on our client request. Moreover, we wanted the room to take full advantage of the beautiful night sky, that surrounds the Rainbow room space. Not only that, but we also wanted the New York City night sky, to frame the ballroom from all over.

Besides all, my client loved the purple lighting; that’s what they opt for among other available choices. Again, thank you for your comments based on your personal liking. Please, always feel free to comments on our work.

I believe, receiving all kind of feedback is the only way we grow.



Dear Readers:

Are you too offended by the purple lighting in the above image?