A confused client is likely to keep shopping.


There are so many ways to market and sell your business that it can get overwhelming at times. But with all my years of experience, I learned that the most important thing is to make sure your clients easily understands what you are selling and how much it costs. I have lost clients in the past because I tried to explain myself too much without the proper backup information. A confused client is likely to keep shopping somewhere else.

Here are some tips on how to keep it simple:

1) Describe Yourself : You will want to keep it short and sweet. Describe yourself and what you are about in 1 sentence. Make sure not to use statements like “I am the best” or “I am the most”. You want to show who you are rather than tell them.

2) Use images: Most people are visual and want to see what things cost rather than assume. Provide images next to each cost, and make sure you always have at least 3 choices (Remember, it is in human nature to choose the cheapest so make sure you make a profit with each option).

3) Describe what you will provide: Like I mentioned earlier, keep it short and no more than 3 paragraphs. Clients get bored of reading too much fine print. This may get tricky if you are only providing a service.

4) Vision Statement: Your business’ vision statement should be very clear. This statement can change overtime like mine did. When I began, my mission statement was “We provide opulent florals”. When my business grew into events I changed it to “We create dramatic transformations.”

In conclusion, your bestselling tools are clarity and simplicity. Sometimes I get carried away when explaining my services because I am so excited to talk about them. But this can cause my client to feel that I am trying too hard to get their business and can put me at a disadvantage. So remember: Always keep it simple.

How do you describe your business to clients?