Bad Ideas at Weddings



Bad Ideas at  Weddings

After being in business for 37 years, I have a list of tons of Ideas that clients like and others they consider to be bad Ideas.

Here are 5 different comments I have heard over the years:

1. Lengthy Speeches: Nothing is more annoying than some guest getting a bit drunk at awedding and spend 20 minutes on a speech trying to be funny.

Comment: Planners, you are an expert in handling such situations. Here is my solution; Turn up the music after 5 minutes, like at the Oscars. Lol

2. Seating Issue at a Ceremony: Have you ever experienced a seating problem at a wedding ceremony, where you were seated so far behind that you missed the vows?

Comment: Create a floor plan that flows well. Or have a monitor at the back of the room like in large concerts halls.

3. Tall Taper Real Wax Candles: Yes, my brides, these wax candles could be very romantic, but even when they claim to be dripless; the moment there is a draft coming from the air conditioner, they’ll be dripping all over your table. And it’s no fun to deal with the mess.

Comment: The best solution is Tall LED Tapered Candles; Yes, I agree that these are not as romantic, but are more practical and mess-free.

4. Boxed Invites: Now Folks, this one is not coming from me. I have heard many clients say that this is a big waste, and claim that they always end up dumping the stupid box.

Comment: These are the same clients that also say the very same thing about too many flowers at a wedding. Well, you are on your own on this one.

5 Too much Food: Have you ever seen so much food at the cocktail hour at a wedding, that by the time you are  seated for dinner, you are stuffed?  The worse part is, you can’t even ask for a doggy bag, to take it home.

Comment: In many cultures, an abundance of food at a wedding is considered a blessing, also a way of giving thanks, very much like Thanksgiving. Here is my solution; Make sure to suggest packing the left-over portions of the food to give the needy.  Or be like me and ask for doggy bag.

Dear Readers:

Would you mind sharing your  bad idea that is not listed above?