PB Protégé Tuesday: Jennifer R-Goberdhan


Dear Readers,

I am very excited to share with you the work of 2 time PB Protégé, Jennifer Goberdhan from Trinidad & Tabago.  In the photo above she created a large statement piece using the mechanics learned in the Protégé Intensive Workshop.  Here is what she had to say:

“The PB Protege workshops have given me the skill and confidence to logistically install my designs and walk away without reservation knowing that my mechanics are sound. This has inspired my One-of-A-Kind Design business model where I never repeat a design for my clients.  As a result, when I implement what I have learned, the results have been remarkably stunning and very well received by my clients and fans of my work.
The tools and knowledge imparted in the Business class have positively impacted my business and Social Media presence with approximately 42,000 followers on Facebook and 3000 + strong on Instagram to date. Needless to say, my business has grown tremendously as a result and I am now sought as a Speaker and Presenter at various Conferences and Bridal Expos.
After attending your Protégé Workshops I was finally able to leave my full-time job last year July 2016 and focus on my business exclusively and I have never regretted that decision even for a moment. Preston’s mentoring, advice, kind hearted and selfless nature have been a life changing experience for me. I owe my success in business to him!”

We love to see how PB Protégés take the mechanics learned in our courses to create their own designs.

You can visit Jennifer Goberdhan Weddings website here.