PB Protégé Spotlight : Sundus Mustafa


Dear Readers,

We are less than 1 week away from the next PB Protege Intensive Workshop in Puerto Rico.  What started as a passion project has now become one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job.  I am so proud and humbled when I see the growing success of each PB Protege after participating in the course.


Today, I am honored to share with you an event designed by PB Protégé Sundus Mustafa and her company Whimsical in Lahore, Pakistan .  She used the mechanics learned in the PB Protege course to create these amazing ceilings that now have become her signature design.   I am also so pleased to hear what she got out of the course:

“It was an amazing experience learning from you . I’m a forever fan! You are so generous with your knowledge, it was really enriching learning from you.  I gained so much confidence after the PB Protege program that my business has taken another level.”

You may visit her website here.