Home Inspiration Up Close and Personal: My Floral and Production Manager Kay Ortiz

Up Close and Personal: My Floral and Production Manager Kay Ortiz


Today, I am interviewing my amazing Floral Manager, Kay Ortiz. Talented and kind, Kay is one of the loveliest women in the business, and I am pleased to allow all of you the opportunity to get to know more about her today.

Kay with be sharing her many years experience of floral and event production at our next PB Protege on March 14, 15, 2017

As always, please feel free to ask her any questions and share your comments below.

Tell us all a little more about your role at PBD.

I am the Floral Manager, which means that I am responsible for pricing, purchasing flowers and supplies, and producing all floral elements and onsite installation.  I am also responsible in hiring additional floral talent when needed.

How does working long hours affect your home life? Does it impact your partner, spouse, children?

It does at times, but this is only when we have a big event and I’m away for a weeks at a time.

Is there a time you considered quitting PB designs? Why?

Yes, sometimes when the job is too overwhelming and difficult. That said, once the job is done, I get over it.

If you had to change one (or many things about me) what would they be?

I would like for you to be more considerate of the budgets and designs in terms of being more realistic with pricing. To create a beautiful statement, we need more money to produce it. Sometimes we are over designed.

(yes folks, this is my huge problem, always over designing and expecting Kay to produce in my budget)

What was the worst moment you have ever had on the job?

The worst moments happen when I am in a difficult work environment and have co-workers who are not organized and unable to help out when we face the difficult issues.

After a hard day at work, what do you really tell your best friends that drives you crazy about working for me?

This job is crazy, but I have learned so many things!

What is the biggest misconception you feel people have about working in this business/at this company?

I think the biggest misconception for people that work in this business and our company is that they think this job is fancy and easy, but it’s actually the opposite.  It’s very challenging.

I have always said we are like a family, and with that comes some high emotional moments. What do you feel about our company structure (or lack thereof at times)?

Yes, I do feel at home here. Our company is like a family, but I think our company structure is not strong enough. We have a lot of wonderful people, but we still need more people to take care of more things. Some people have a lot of responsibility and some don’t.

Do you feel you are being paid a fair salary or do you feel you deserve more?

I think I am being paid a fair salary, but I would like to be paid more or extra if I have to go work on-site because on-site installations take a lot of time. I would be very appreciative if we pay those who work on-site extra money.

If I were to give you a raise, how much would you ask for?

Yes, I would like to have a raise as all expenses increase every year: rent, bills, food etc. I believe 5% every year would be greatly appreciated.