PB Protege Spotlight: Jennifer R-Goberdhan


Dear Readers:

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is meeting and working with the amazing and dedicated professionals who fly from all over the world to attend our Protégé course. What started as a passion project has now blossomed into a full-blown program and I could not be more humbled or proud of my amazing team and the incredible men and women who participate in each of the courses. With so many of the protégés moving forward in their businesses and sharing their talent and success with us via email and text, I felt it only natural to profile these wonderful men and women on the blog. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a little bit about a few of the students in the hopes of letting you get to know them a little better while paying homage to their work.

Today, I want to introduce Jennifer R-Goberdhan of Jennifer Goberdhan Signature Weddings.  This dynamic planner attended my last PB Protégé class as a standout student with a deep passion for her floral design and an infectious positive attitude. I am also so pleased to hear what she got out of the course. “Floral design has always been my passion so it was not by chance that I gravitated to this aspect of the course. The techniques taught [in the program] have positively impacted my floral construction and installation and the execution of each design with confidence,” she says.


I believe pricing is one of the most important (yet least talked about) topics in our business. As a business owner, it is essential to know how to effectively set and present your prices to clients without apology.  When I asked Jennifer about whether or not our discussion was helpful, I was thrilled to know that she was now comfortable charging what she is worth. “The pricing template was spot on .I have applied this meticulously to my designs and now feel satisfied that the true cost of the floral piece is ascertained as well as being paid for my knowledge and skill level,” she says.

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I was also so pleased to hear what else she got out of the course. In Trinidad and Tobago is small, but Jennifer says the lessons she learned from Kathy have given her an edge. “The documentation in planning and the concierge service explained by Kathy has positively impacted on the experience I provide with ‘day of’ coordination,” she says.  The presentation on social media, branding and content management also proved useful. “The information presented by Brenda gave a more in depth and comprehensive understanding in a real world application and learning about social media etiquette was particularly interesting. As a result, I was able to secure 3,000 more likes on my Facebook page with an 85% increase in engagements,” she says. Finally, I had to know what she would change. “This is a difficult question as there is no other course of this type being offered anywhere that gives such a comprehensive overview of all the important aspects of this business. Since there is so much valuable content given, the time frame could be extended to three days,” she says.