My Interview With Robert Evans


Dear Readers:

Many of you have requested that I post one of the proposals I have sent to clients. Unfortunately, due to the respect of confidentiality, I am unable to do this. What I will do is post a detailed explanation of how I write a proposal/estimate and post it on Monday. Today, I would like to share an interview with the talented photographer, Robert Evans.

First, I want to say thank you for the beautiful photos you took of both mine and Theo’s wedding and of the weddings of the contestants the following morning.  How did you feel about being a part of both events? 

I was honored you asked me to photograph your wedding, Preston.  Honestly, I cried after I hung up the phone from the call. It was such an amazing experience. When I tell people I photographed four weddings in twenty hours, the response is “You did what?”. I was totally up for the challenge, and I think my team and I hit a homerun under the unusual circumstances. My favorite memory of your wedding was watching, and of course capturing, your face during the moments when Theo read his vows and talked about you as a person. It really confirmed for me what I knew in my heart already – that you are a warm caring soul and an amazing person. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know you, and I look forward to many more adventures in our future.

You are known as a leader in the industry and I think it is because you clearly love what you do. Have you always had a passion for photography?  

My passion for photography started early and has continued to grow. My father loved photography, and I picked up a camera around the age fourteen. It was my junior high school teacher named Mrs. Wallace who put me on the path of my love of photography. I am forever grateful to her and all teachers who teach and inspire others. I do my best to share my knowledge and set an example in my field.

What exactly do you love most about it?

The thing I love most about photography is the fact that I can inspire and touch other people’s hearts through my photographs. When photographing weddings, I am capturing family history in the making; I am a visual historian. My images will be viewed by my couples’ future children and grandchildren and beyond… I shoot for myself and I always hope to be excited at the end of the day. I love the thrill of capturing emotional moments and creating iconic artistic imagery. Photography is what I love.

How long have you been in the industry? 

I photographed my very first wedding in January of 1989, so as I head into my twenty-fourth year I still absolutely love what I do. Photography is my passion and I feel fortunate every day that I do what I love as my career.

How have wedding photographs changed since you started out?

Wedding photography has become more of an art since I first started photographing weddings twenty-four years ago. At that time there was more of a formula for the types of pictures a photographer would take. It is my goal to inspire and help new photographers find their personal vision and bring art and emotion to their wedding photography.

What do you feel are the three most essential tips for brides and grooms when it comes to taking beautiful wedding photographs?

First, hire the best wedding photographer you can afford; experience is crucial. You don’t get a second chance at great wedding photography. Photography is the only thing you have left at the end of your wedding day. Consider that when budgeting for a photographer.

Second, on the wedding day, let it all go and feel what there is to feel and let your emotions flow. If you want to cry, cry  Laugh if you want to laugh and act silly if that’s your personality. A great photographer knows what to capture when they see it, and you want to feel and look natural. Say your photographer says to you both “Look at each other and laugh”. You may feel uneasy, and the photograph will look unnatural as well. Raw emotion translates into amazing images.

Lastly, you need time to capture great wedding photography. Get your photographs all done prior to your ceremony. I photograph my couples and their families three hours before the ceremony. I encourage all my couples to see each other prior to the ceremony so that when they kiss and say “I do”, they can walk down the aisle and jump in to enjoy the remainder of their wedding day. Taking photographs after the ceremony are often done in the dark, all while the couple is missing out on time with family and friends during cocktail hour.


What are you working on now?

I always have something up my sleeve!  This year finds me traveling many times to photograph weddings in several spots around the world. I have been fortunate to become a Sony-sponsored photographer making my rounds to inspire and educate photographers in my travels as well at trade shows and workshops. In the coming weeks, I will be participating in a few unique and exciting bridal fashion shoots. Those always get my creative juices flowing.


Tell us where we can find more of your work.

I co-write what I like to call an encyclopedic blog about wedding photography for the bride and groom, We call it an “encyclopedic blog” because we write articles and add content as subject matter arises. We don’t publish new content every day like most wedding blogs, however the articles and content will always be relevant to couples looking to get the most out of their wedding photography. It’s a great educational source for wedding photography. Currently two of our most popular posts are “Are Your Guests Ruining Your Wedding Photography” and “What to Wear for Your Engagement Session“.