My Interview With Bibi Hayat


You have such an interesting background, will you share a little about yourself with our readers?

I grew up in Kuwait with the support of a loving family who supported me in my desire to pursue event design. After working in a number of highly-esteemed hotels and catering companies as both an event coordinator and planner, The November Company , which is a multi-service design and decoration company. Since then, I have added several sister companies including a bakery, a specialty cake shop, a gift and floral shop, and a furniture rental company. Very recently, I have decided to branch the weddings and events segment into a separate company called “Bibi Hayat – Weddings & Events.”

I am always fascinated by each person’s journey into the event business. What inspired you to follow your passion?

The weddings in the Middle East are very distinct and gorgeous, and I feel that my passion has always been there. I never had an “a-ha” moment. I think this is something I was born to do, and I knew it from the very beginning.

Will you describe a typical wedding in the region?

Weddings in the region are lavish and full of life!  The events are full of family and friends of the couple, and we cater to pamper our guests. A typical wedding in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf states, will have only women in the reception. Guests will be seated in lounges or on different levels with a clear view of the dance area as well as the bridal stage.  The bride will make a grand entrance, and then, an hour or so later, the groom will enter along with his family.  The bride and groom will then lead the way to the beautifully decorated buffet area. Again, from start to finish, the weddings here are detailed and grand.

What do you find to be the main focus of brides in the Middle East?

The main focus is the bride’s dress which is followed by her bridal stage, which we call a “Kosha”.

How would you describe Kuwait Weddings & Events Industry?

The Kuwaiti wedding industry is small and competitive.  The great thing is that there are planners and designers to suit the individual style of each bride. Brides here can choose between a number of planners and designers based on her vision and budget.

Celebrity weddings are big here in the states, is it similar in the area?

There is not much interest in local celebrities, but brides in the Middle East are definitely interested in royal weddings and American and European celebrities! The events, parties, the Oscars, the Emmys, and fashion events are all of interest to us!

What are the most popular trends Middle Eastern brides are following?

Parisian boutique style decoration, think Laduree’, glamorous lounge settings using one off antiques and intricate pillows, sweet buffets with marvelous choices of macaroons, chocolates, little pastries and much more all in the brides decor and theme.