Topiary Flowers For Our Bryant Park Fundraiser


You’ve been helping us design the Bryant Park fundraiser we’re putting together for a client this fall, and, so far, we’ve done some fabulous work together. So let’s keep going!

Yesterday, we asked you to choose your favorite topiary for this high-end fundraiser, and you selected modern option #3.  We think the spherical shape of this design element is going to look very cutting edge.

Now we need you to pick your favorite flower option to decorate the topiaries. These are going to be big statement pieces at the event, and we need your eye for design. Share your vote for your favorite flower option in the comments below.

Flower Option #1
pink flowers

Flower Option #2
muted green flowers

Flower Option #3
orange and purple flowers

Flower Option #4
pink and red fresh flowers

Flower Option #5
orange fall flowers

Be sure to check back on Friday for the final design. Thanks for your help!