Magical Journeys Through Animal-Inspired Sculptures


Happy Friday!

Earlier this week, we announced Animal-Inspired Sculptures as this week’s Event Ideas Theme.

On Monday we presented two alluring sculptures and you’ve voted for Option #1, poodles glamorous enough to serve Queen Elizabeth I.

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On Wednesday, we introduced two more majestic sculptures. You’ve voted for Option #1, the convincingly real streak of tigers. So marvelous you can’t help but get lost in their fierce gaze and roam the wild jungle with.

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Today, we are presenting two more phenomenal sculptures that will surely amaze you. Get lost at sea and live your Mermaid fantasy swimming gracefully amongst our elegant fishes, or soar high and away to the tropics with our strikingly vibrant and stunning parrot. Remember to vote for which of the beautiful four floral sculpture fantasies you would rather be whisked away to.

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Option #2

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