Help Us Create A White Wedding Mood Board


Happy New Year fellow designers! To begin 2011 anew, we’re going to make a few changes to this Inspiration blog.

First, we’re changing our blog update schedule to three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). There are a lot of great projects going on over here at Preston Bailey, and we have a lot to tackle.

Second, we want to experiment with the format of these blog posts. Instead of just sharing what we’re inspired by, we thought we could do an exercise where we work together weekly to create a mood board.

Each Monday and Wednesday, we’ll show you different components we’re considering for the mood board. Then we want to hear from YOU about which component you like best and why.

With that, let’s get started. Here are five white arrangements we’re thinking of using.  Which one inspires you most?

Arrangement 1

Arrangement 2

Arrangement 3

Arrangement 4

Arrangement 5