Floral Picture Frames: Let’s Make One Together


Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Unsurprisingly, we can’t stop thinking about all the pretty flowers that are blooming! In keeping with the warm weather slowly trickling its way in, our inspiration this week is beauty, flowers, and everything bright and colorful for a unique floral picture frame. It is up to you to decide which frame you’d like to see around our floral arrangement. Maybe the final design will give you some inspiration for a summer garden party, an upcoming outdoor wedding, or maybe just some nature-inspired interior home decor!

Which frame is your favorite?

Frame #1:
Monday's Floral Frame 1
Frame #2:
Monday's Floral Frame 2
Frame #3:
Monday's Floral Frame 3
Frame #4:
Monday's Floral Frame 4
Frame #5:
Monday's Floral Frame 5

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday to vote for the flowers and floral arrangements to go inside our winning frame!