Bryant Park Fundraiser: Which Fountain is Your Favorite?


On Monday we asked you to continue to help us design a high-end fundraiser event taking place in Bryant Park this fall.  The task at hand this week is designing the bar for the event and on Monday, the beautiful bar shape option #2 was the winner. Fabulous pick! The moldings on this bar really make an elegant statement.  But the bar is not yet complete.  In addition to the flowers from last week’s winning design, we also plan on adding a fountain to the center of the bar for that extra wow factor. Below you’ll see five fountain options and we need your help in selecting the perfect one!  Choose your favorite and leave your vote in the comments below.  Thanks for all the help!

Fountain Option #1
Tiered Bar Fountain


Fountain Option #2
descending spiral fountain


Fountain Option #3
orb fountain


Fountain Option #4
dual column fountain


Fountain Option #5
tiered falling fountain

Don’t forget to check back on Friday for the final design!