Bryant Park Fundraiser: Help Us Design the Entrance Arch


This week we need your continued help in designing different elements for our high-end Bryant Park fundraiser. The past three weeks you guys have helped us create a beautiful stage, a swanky bar, and a chic lounge. Now, we need you to help us design the entrance arch for the event.
The entrance archway is an important piece because it’s going to be the first thing guests see when they arrive, so it has to make a statement. Below you’ll find five different arch shapes, pick your favorite and leave your vote in comments. Thanks for all the help!

Arch Entrance Option #1
Arch Entrance 1

Arch Entrance Option #2
Arch Entrance 2

Arch Entrance Option #3
Arch Entrance Option 3

Arch Entrance Option #4
Ornate Arch Entrance 4

Arch Entrance #5
Arch Entrance 5

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for the winning archway!