Bryant Park Fundraiser: Check Out This Beyond Beautiful Bar Design


This week we asked for your continued help in designing our high-end fundraiser event taking place in Bryant Park this fall. The element we were working on this week was the bar and there were a lot of critical design decisions that YOU helped us make.

On Monday we asked you to choose your favorite bar shape, and you selected the elegant bar shape option #2. Wednesday we had you select a fountain that would be installed in the center of the bar, and you chose fountain option #4. We think this sleek look pairs perfectly with the bar shape chosen earlier in the week, bravo!

We combined all of these elements and added the winning flower selection from last week’s design, and voila! The final design for the bar is here, and it’s drop dead gorgeous! Take a look and tell us what you think.

Floral fountain bar

Fabulous work. Thanks for all the help!