Bryant Park Fundraiser: Add Florals to the Entrance Arch


On Monday we asked for your continued help in designing decorative elements for the high-end Bryant Park fundraiser we’re putting together for a client this fall. This week’s project is creating an entrance arch for the event. On Monday we gave you five different arch shapes to choose from and you guys selected Arch Shape #4 as the winner. Great pick, this gothic styled entrance is bound to make a statement!

We’re still not done though. Now we need your help deciding which flowers will be best to decorate the arch. Choose from the five flower options below and leave your vote for your favorite arrangement in the comments.

Flower Selection #1
Orange and yellow roses

Flower Selection #2
Pink and Red flower arrangement

Flower Selection #3
Autumn colors flower arrangement

Flower Selection #4
White rose and yellow green flower arrangement

Flower Selection #5
pink rose and purple flower arrangement

Be sure to check back on Friday for the final design!