Dear Reader: PB Protege Intensive Workshop March 2017


Dear Readers:

All of you, who are on-board to join us for the next PB Protege Intensive Workshop, I look forward to meeting you soon in NY. And for quite a few PB Protege who are returning, it would be wonderful to see you again and to learn as for where you are now.

My apologies to many of you who did not get into the next PB Protege held at my studio in New York from March 14 to 15. Only because, I would like to give my full attention to each one of you by keeping the attendee count small and personable.

I extend my gratitude to those who took the time to share their views on design business and help me understand your design challenges ahead of time.

I acknowledge on a sad note that all of our work in the event design business is beginning to look the same. I say this not to be critical, but to truly admit how difficult it is to create something that is different and unique.

Most artists create what they love for the public; we create for our clients. It’s a blessing as it gives us the opportunity to be an artist, at the same time brings in a challenge with newer learning experience each time.

Having said that I couldn’t tell you how many designs that I have done ended up in the junk pile. Even though I loved them all, yet did not work for that particular client. But that did not stop me from trying to create, new and different design each time.

One of the things that I hope to share with you all, what I have learned; the process in how to create your original designs. My ultimate goal is to give you the confidence to become a trendsetting designer where you don’t only enjoy the creative process but make your clients happy as well.


Those who are attending my next PB Protege Intensive Workshop; what would be that one thing that you like to walk away with after two days of a learning experience.