Dear Preston: What should I do?


Dear Preston:

I hired a planner that came very highly recommended. I also had the pleasure of working with other vendors that are terrific, including yourself. What I like about you, is that you get back to me very quickly with any request. Sadly, it’s not the same with my planner; Sometimes it takes her days to get back to me, with a simple request. We already gave her a hefty retainer so firing her is not an option, what should I do?


Dear Frustrated:

Not that I am defending the planner in question, but each planner has very distinct ways of working. I have worked with some planners, who are very much in the moment. In other words, even though some of these planners are not great with there follow ups, and might not bring you the greatest experience, but one can be sure that the week of your event, such planners will give you 100% of there time and energy. Be mindful that these planners may be super busy planning another job that week when you felt ignored.

However, it would be going too far for anyone or me to throw a fellow planner under the bus just because it is not working out from your or my perspective without giving a chance to explain. Ultimately, we are in the service business and when you feel that you are not getting the service you deserve, I suggest having a face to face meeting to bring your concern to her attention without further delay. I am sure her goal is to make you happy.

From a planner’s point of view, it could be as simple as explaining to your clients by giving them a road map with a timeline of what to expect six months from now to further breaking into two to four weeks increments. I would also go over the contract once again to support your point if that being the case. Keep in mind, time is of an essence in this scenario, and a clear response with a mutually agreed solution is the only option.

Sometimes, we just need to be clear with our needs.




Dear Readers:

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