Dear Preston: I think you are the right person to ask.


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Dear Preston:

I think you are the right person to ask. I am a florist and designer, and like you, I do very high-end work. Most of my budgets start at $100,000 for wedding decor only. Lately, I have been very discouraged with my business. I noticed that most of the clients are spoiled and are very demanding. Even worse, recently I stayed at one of the weddings that we did, which I thought was drop dead gorgeous but to my disappointment, most of the guest were so jaded that they showed very little interest.

Have you ever felt that you are in a business of fluff?


Dear D:

I would begin with suggesting you to take a good vacation. I believe you need to get away and truly take a time to realize how lucky you are, that you have able to attract such clientele.

I think you need to re-evaluate your purpose for being in this business as a very talented florist and designer.

I remember four years ago when I got married; I too became more than a bit spoiled and demanding. Believe it or not, I became a bit of a groomzilla, ask my good friend, an amazing planner Marcy Blum who planned our wedding.

You must understand that weddings are very emotional times for most, and it’s our job not only to create beautiful designs but also to be of service to our clients. At times, I find myself being a friend, therapist, understanding father, girlfriend, and you name it.

In my opinion, doing anything to assist my clients in what could be very emotional moments of their lives is a part of my service.

I also find your comment about the guest being jaded very harsh. How do you know what was going on in their minds? It may sound a bit like your own insecurities.

I MEAN IT; It’s about time that you step away from work for couple of days to count your blessings.

To answer your question, if creating a few memories that last a lifetime are called a “fluff”?

Then I would say YES, I am in the business of fluff.



Dear readers:

Have you ever felt that the floral and decor business is fluff?
What would be your answer to this reader?